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You don’t even have time to mourn when Israel attacks.

5 Broken Cameras

Can the giants not lose this game plz

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The whole ‘unfollow me if you’re/believe in X’ thing is funny to me. Like people make extensive lists of people who should not follow them for whatever reasons. Like ‘Lol don’t follow me if you’re a liberal’ Tbh I hope liberals follow me because maybe they’ll see something that makes them open up to left wing politics more (Not like I am super prolific talking about politics or economics.)

I understand if people are harassing you or making you feel uncomfortable or shit like that yeah block them and report them and out them for doing that.

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legit capitalism is at its dumbest when you think about private ownership of land unrelated to commodity production. like, a landlord owning an apartment complex that he doesn’t even live in and gaining the ability to kick tenants out of apartments that he doesn’t even use. and in 300 years the only argument that has been offered in favor of this by liberal philosophers is “uh well they have a natural right to control land that other people use and live on”

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the cowboys are “america’s team” yet i have never actually met anyone who doesn’t hate the cowboys 


Saturday Evening Post covers from the 1920’s featuring women ice hockey players.